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OpenAPI Backend is entirely built with typescript and supports using types in operation handlers.

The openapi typegen command can be used to generate types to for use on the backend side.


You can set up a script in package.json to easily update types when the openapi spec is changed.

"scripts": {
"openapi": "openapi typegen ./openapi.yaml > src/types/openapi.d.ts"

openapi typegen supports both local and remote files:

npx openapicmd typegen ./openapi.yaml > src/types/openapi.d.ts # local file
npx openapicmd typegen > src/types/openapi.d.ts # remote url

Using types in operation handlers

You can import schemas and response/request models defined in your openapi definition as Typescript types:

// types.ts
import type { Components, Paths } from "./openapi.d.ts";

export type Pet = Components.Schemas.Pet;
export type User = Components.Schemas.User;

export type UpdatePetParams = Paths.AddPet.PathParameters;
export type UpdatePetRequest = Paths.AddPet.RequestBody;
export type UpdatePetResponse = Paths.AddPet.Responses.$200;

These types can then be used part of your controllers and logic:

import type { Context } from "openapi-backend";
import type { Request, Response } from "express";
import type {
} from "./types";

async function updatePetHandler(
c: Context<UpdatePetRequest, UpdatePetParams>,
_req: Request,
res: Response
) {
const { petId } = c.request.params;
const requestBody = c.request.requestBody;

const updatedPet = await db.updatePet(petId, requestBody);

const response: UpdatePetResponse = {

return res.status(200).json(response);

api.register("updatePet", updatePetHandler);

Generic Types

The Context and Handler types from openapi-backend are generic and can be passed types:

* Passed context built for request. Passed as first argument for all handlers.
export interface Context<
RequestBody = any,
Params = UnknownParams,
Query = UnknownParams,
Headers = UnknownParams,
Cookies = UnknownParams
> {
api: OpenAPIBackend;
request: ParsedRequest<RequestBody, Params, Query, Headers, Cookies>;
operation: Operation;
validation: ValidationResult;
security: SecurityHandlerResults;
response: any;

* A handler for an operation with request Context and passed arguments from handleRequest
export type Handler<
RequestBody = any,
Params = UnknownParams,
Query = UnknownParams,
Headers = UnknownParams,
Cookies = UnknownParams
> = (
context: Context<RequestBody, Params, Query, Headers, Cookies>,
...args: any[]
) => any | Promise<any>;