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Request validation

All you need to enable request validation is to register a validationFail handler.

function validationFailHandler(c: Context, _req: Request, res: Response) {
return res.status(400).json({ status: 400, err: c.validation.errors });
api.register("validationFail", validationFailHandler);

Once registered, this handler gets called if any JSON Schemas in either operation parameters (in: path, query, header, cookie) or requestPayload don't match the request.

The context object c gets a validation property with the validation result.

Extended Formats‚Äč

To add validation for JSON Schema formats like email, uri, date-time, uuid you can use the customizeAjv option when creating your OpenAPIIBackend instance to extend Ajv.

import addFormats from 'ajv-formats';

const api = new OpenAPIBackend({
customizeAjv: (ajv) => {
addFormats(ajv, { mode: 'fast', formats: ['email', 'uri', 'date-time', 'uuid'] });

return ajv;

You can simply opt to add all formats with addFormats(ajv). Warning: this may slow down the initialisation of openapi-backend, and is not recommended in FaaS environments.

See ajv-formats documentation for more configuration options.